Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mysterious Curse

I was so worn out yesterday that I didn't have a creative bone left in my body. I even put my polish and supplies out on the table and thought - I just don't have the energy for this....but I ended up just doing a polish without design so my nails wouldn't remain nekkid for more than a day. This was my first time using Orly's Mysterious Curse and I was pleasantly surprised. It went on so smooth and was so thick that I almost didn't need the second coat. And the color is AMAZING. Let's just say that the pictures DO NOT do it justice! This is one that you'll have to see on in person. It looks purple in the bottle but one you get it on, the mystery begins. Sometimes it looks a unique blue and sometimes it looks a brilliant purple. Either way it's beautiful!

ORLY - Mysterious Curse



  1. I reviewed this a few weeks ago on our blog, and it is such a beautiful color...and so hard to take pictures of!

    1. Yes it is!! I could visually see so many shades on my finger but could not capture any of it on camera. Thanks for checking out my blog!


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