Monday, August 20, 2012

Ooohhhh!! What a Sexy Sundress...

I tried out my Finger Paints color Sexy Sundress this weekend. I must say it does look pretty sexy. And when I stamped it with Konad special black polish using BM322, it was retro sexy!! I also made a Light Box for taking pictures and the following pictures were taken within the Light Box.

I do like the Light Box, but I am now realizing my camera is crap for taking close ups, even using my Macro feature it will not clear up.... GRRRR. I tried to save some money making my own Light Box and now I have to spend more money getting a better camera*** sigh ***.

** smiles **


  1. Very retro sexy. I made a light box as well but haven't posted any pics from it yet.
    The macro on my camera works better in sun light than in the box. I can't buy a new camera because I spend all my money on polish. What to do? :OP

    1. Too funny! I know what you mean about money and polish! I would feel sick if I added up how much I have spent since January. I try not to think about it (heehee) I still need to get a better light to put in the box. That would probably help too. What kind/brand of light do you use?

  2. Wow, great manicure, I love it!


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