Friday, August 17, 2012

Bad, Bad Blogger ...Long Time ... No Post ...

Sorry for the absence. Between re-planning and re-locating a vacation (the day before we left) that had been planned since February and my son starting 1st grade, I'm lucky to remember my own name. The only mani's I managed to do was a Classic French Mani (while riding in the car to Memphis- Not Chicago as originally planned) and what I named my Carbon Fiber French Mani.

This is Classic French. I used my Savvy Brand polish called Champagne and Sally Hansen White French Mani Pen and top coated it with Seche Vite.
Like I said before. I did this while riding in a moving car, so not the best I've ever done. Plus the only camera I had available was my iPhone.

This next one is what I have named my Carbon Fiber French Mani. For this one I used my trusty Savvy Brand polish named Champagne (which is the best base coat for french mani's EVER!) It has a beautiful subtle rainbow sheen to it. I tipped it with Sally Hansen's Black Diamond and used a Konad stamp with Konad Special Silver polish. Top Coated with China Glaze Fast Forward Clear Coat. I love the way this has turned out. For some reason it reminds me of a sports car with Carbon Fiber effects on it.


** smiles **

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