Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feather Mani - It's Totally Easy - Who Knew??!!

It took a while to build up enough courage to try this type of mani, but I was totally surprised to find out how quick and easy it really was.

First, I bought some natural looking brown/black feathers from Walmart in the craft isle for $2.50. That seems to be the only feathers they carry that are worth a crap. Then I did the following:

1. Used my regular Nail Magic Strengthener base coat

2. Used a brown from China Glaze called Ingrid

3. Nail by nail, I put a Seche Vite top coat and applied
    a feather (top part down)

4. Let my nails dry with the feather hanging
    off - (this looked really funny)

5. I then used nail clippers to trim each feather - being
    careful not to clip my actual nail

6. Apply 1 - 2 Top Coats of Seche Vite and your done!!

Before I started this mani, I figured out which feather I was going to use with which finger. You can usually find one that fits perfectly without trimming the sides, but you may have to trim them a little so they will fit every nail perfectly.

All in all I really liked this look and since it was mainly feathers and not polish, it would have lasted a week without chipping or looking worn if I wasn't so anxious to start my first ever Christmas Challenge. :)

Here are a parade of pics. I really need to recharge my camera so I can quit using my iPhone for pics. Sorry.

Enjoy !!


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