Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nail Stamping...

I have started to use nail stamps from Konad, Bundle Monster and some Generic Brands. At first I was AWFUL at it and put them away for a few months thinking I would never get the hang of it, but got them back out over the past 2 months and they just started to miraculously work (or I finally got the hang of it -haha). Here are some pics.

These first three pics are some of my first decent stamping attempts.

As you can see, I had a nail fiasco and had to trim all my nails. Very dark time in my life *rolling eyes*. But seriously, it did suck! I had tried so many remedies for my thin brittle nails and have just recently found Haken Nail Magic. This has saved my nails lives! I highly recommend it. It can be found on Amazon, Ebay or at Sally Beauty (that I know of).

Then (after my dark time-haha)......I purchased my first BRAND NEW vehicle! I LOVE IT! So, of course, I had to do a mani for it.

My first themed mani for the Fourth of July!

Fresh summer mani. If only it smelled like oranges instead of toxic polish fumes....

Another fun summer mani...

This was something that I never thought I would wear......owls.......but it turned out really cute!

Most of these ideas come from "monkey see, monkey do" kind of stuff. I see them on Pinterest or one of the many blogs that I love and copy the technique, colors or stamp style. I hope the other bloggers that originated these ideas don't mind. These are mostly older pictures that I have accumulated and I cannot remember which blogs I had originally seen them on. They are probably one of the many blogs that I have posted on the right hand side of my blog (Favorite Blogs). As I start using more up-to-date pictures, I will be sure to notate which blog it originated from to give them their due credit!

** smiles **


  1. I love this owl stamp (the last one). I've never seen that one before and it's crazy cute with the reversed colors!

  2. Thanks! I actually saw it done on one of the blogs that I follow and fell in love with it. I had just bought the 3rd set of Bundle Monster Stamps and it was one of them. I totally love all of the Bundle Monster Stamp sets.


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