Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Oldies But Goodies...

Here are a few more pics of my earlier nails. I mainly use scotch tape to make the designs.

I was experimenting with Matte Clear Coat and this is the outcome. Obviously I hadn't learned to clean up around my cuticles yet, but in my defense dark colors (especially black) are a real butt to clean up.
  This was a fun one. I wanted to use the silver stud embellishments .

My first (and only) have moon mani. I used those paper hole re-enforcements. I just haven't really been drawn to these for some reason. 

This was a mani that I did not like. I don't know if it was the colors together or if I'm just not used to doing one accent finger of a different color/design?? 

One of my favorites. It did take a little time, but was well worth the wait. Also this was the perfect mani to show off my new ring. 

Although I thought this was very boring looking, I did get a bunch of compliments on it.
Hope you enjoyed these. I am still digging into my old nail pic stash. Hopefully in a few more posts I'll make it to my more recent pics.

** smiles **

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